Linda Light


As a Spiritual Facilitator, I use my gifts to help people on their journey to awakening and healing.


Linda Light


Linda Light

Spiritual Facilitator | Intuitive Coach | Reader

John of God Crystal Light Healing Sessions
Certified Chakra Tuning Forks
Reiki Master
Certified Reflexology

Certified Crystal Healer
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Basic Shaman Techniques

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I began my journey to grow spiritually when my husband and I became empty nesters. We had raised our children in a Non-Denominational Church, participating in everything the Church had to offer including Children’s Choir, Mini Churches, Family Camp etc. My heart felt there was something missing, hence my quest into the metaphysical realm. I remember the very first class I attend was called “LightWorker’s 101” taught by Michelle Welch. And my journey began.

I have since learned we all have intuition, we just need to know how to trust it and use it. “Let yourself know;”

I am a 16 year breast cancer survivor and served on the board for a local breast cancer organization for 6 years. I have been very active over the last 16 years at the national and state level of legislation for women’s health issues.

I have been married for 29 years and have 4 wonderful children and 5 adorable grandchildren.

I am blessed to offer John of God Crystal Light Healing Sessions in Plano, Texas. To learn more about the benefits of a healing session or to book an appointment visit my Services Page. I also offer spiritual coaching and readings.

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I experienced my second session with the John of God Lights. I was so at peace, very comfortable, and had set my intention for the session. I saw many colors, several faces and felt hands actually working on me. I would highly recommend this session to anyone who is trying to get through something in your life. This is also a great starting point for becoming more focused and becoming centered. Linda is a wonderful healer and is very passionate about helping others heal.

Lori D.

I experienced tremendous healing during my John of God session. I felt completely surrounded by higher beings who were working to help heal the physical pain in my lower back. I felt gentle adjustments in my back and hips and subsequently have been pain-free for the last 2 weeks. I also felt healing hands on my head (crown chakra) and felt such peace.

Angela T.

Designer, MoonbeamsArt